15 Nov 2013

we live outside the touch of time

Aurelia aurita (moon jelly)

Took time off this overwhelmingly suicidal academic semester to immerse in aquatic wonder on Amber's 21st birthday celebration.

"My dear sister,

I know its been an arduous journey to arrive at today.

You, the middle one, were constantly caught between me, the oldest, and XH, the youngest. In addition, you've had to manage the majority of our familial problems recently, with or without me.

On this day, your older brother would like for you to have knowledge that I see daylight of your actions, and appreciation is all I have for you.

The elation of you achieving your dreams and falling in love were little victories won and I'll never be an obstacle to either, simply because I've the utmost trust in you.

Circulating in cyberspace lies a paragraph of text which begins with 'Your brother is your first male friend'. Indeed I am and I plan to play the role of protector if need be, in any interpretation, consistently."

Happy 21st, 
Zi Xin.

Your life is just beginning.